The ABCs of Email Marketing

Although people have switched on to social networking sites from the traditional email communication, the essence of email marketing persists as an inevitable rattlerecords online marketing tool. A tremendous amount of people have the view that the use of email is declining, but statistics highlight that it’s still evolving. Hence, if you are looking forward to promote your business through emails, there is a checklist you must follow!

Send Welcome Messages

The importance of first impression is always considered as a crucial factor. Welcome message is the first thing that your subscribers receive after they subscribe to your brand. You should send a welcome mail stating that the recipient is valuable to your company. You can also give a special voucher or an exciting offer on a product as a gift to generate loyalty in them.

Get Recipient’s Permission

With the implementation of the CAN-SPAM Act, companies are not allowed to send marketing emails to any recipients without their permission. Therefore, you must request your target audience to allow you to send marketing emails so that you can keep them updated with the latest deals and offers. Once the subscribers permit you to execute your email promotion strategies, you should make sure that your marketing emails abide by, and do not violate, the terms of the CAN-SPAM Act.

Make your Email Relatable to Brand

Your emails should render the similar look and feel that the audiences get when they drop in to your website. The content as well as the appearance of your emails must be quite alike the text and templates in your site. This involves the presence of your brand’s logo in the header of your emails and templates that match your site. Target audience get more accustomed to your brand when they receive emails highlighting the brand.

Develop Relevant Content

To succeed in developing attractive content, you must know that your audience receive dozens of promotional mails regularly and, hence, you have little time to convince them. That said, the content of your email must be relevant and well presented. You should tell them about the availability of products and exclusive deals in the store. The content must be divided into short paragraphs with the main points highlighted.

The relevancy of content can be improved by personalized email marketing system. If your website tracks the preferences of your individual customers, you can create personalized emails and offer special deals in the products they like. Personalized recommendations are an important part of email promotion as it enhances the click through rate by about 25% and conversion rate by 15%.

Be Consistent

As consistency is the key to success in the modern-day marketing, you must be consistent in your email promotion strategies. There must be a proper schedule of sending emails so that the recipients don’t forget your brand. Thus, you should maintain a publishing calendar and must remember to reserve time for editorial tasks before sending an email.

Optimize Mails for mobiles

As the usability of smartphones in checking mails has increased in the recent years, you should optimize your mails for small screened gadgets like tablets and smartphones. About 40% users who access emails on their phones delete emails that are not compatible with mobiles. Therefore, you must make sure that your emails have responsive images and content that can be viewed by the recipients on smartphones.

Sending phishing emails may reduce the efficiency of your brand’s email promotion. Most importantly, you must only send emails when you really have something to say. Therefore, if you are planning to improve your conversion and click-through rates by sending marketing email, you should plan your emails effectively and do not miss out on the basic email marketing strategies.

If it sounds like it’s too technical or you have no idea how to put together your passion, career or business online and market it economically, that’s okay.

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