email address in exchange

Most people are willing to share their email address in exchange for valuable information i.e. a great CALL TO ACTION. I call this providing great incentives via newsletter such as a free consultation valued at monetary dtcms figure, coupon, free offer, discount, access to a special video, valuable download, anything which is going to be beneficial to the subscriber. Key point here is to make your incentive relevant to your core business, that is why the potential client has subscribed to your list in the first place.

When marketing to your prospects it is critical that the email format both from a content point of view and visually work well together. Prospects react to different types of emails, what I mean is if the email format is in the style of a newsletter this would possibly be read later, compared to an email which looks like an announcement. It is creating urgency and is likely to be read immediately.

You need to use a variety of formats to communicate your messages. Say you are sending messages promoting event invitations, new information, greetings or offers, you should then use email formats which categorize your information.

Email newsletters should be used for sending information and generally on a periodic frequency such as weekly, monthly or quarterly. Just a heads up no more than 20% of your newsletter should contain promotional information. Promotional emails should be directed at a single product or service, or a group of products or services and are generally date driven. As example Sales, Holiday Seasons, Weather Season etc.

Here’s a great tip when it comes to sending email promotions, don’t put all the details of the promotions directly in the email. Entice the prospect to click-through to a link to learn more about the details of the promotion itself. Finally an email announcement format is great to just simply say thank you, press release or confirmation of an order. This type of email focus is relationship building.

You must also brand your emails so they are aligned with all other online mediums you use. Include your logo and social media links, use consistent colours to your branding, use the same type of font. When it comes to using images remember there is a big difference between stock images and clip art. Align images with your branding and relevancy to your type of business.

Make sure your newsletter emails and promotional emails are not identical but at the same time not to far off. You want your prospects on your list to become familiar with your brand when you email them.

When it comes to the design of your email messages it is great to use visual anchors such as images, headlines, anchors, background borders and colours as they cause the eye to focus on the visual and scan the email. Important content should be in the upper left hand corner of your template as most people read from this point. This is also great for mobile email. Just a note though it is important not to over use visuals. A great email layout is to use columns for your content, generally 2 or 3.


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