The Thoroughbred Owner’s Secret Horse Racing System

Abbott and Costello. Burns and Allen. Cheech and Chong. Peanut Butter and Jelly.

There are things in this world that are simply a perfect fit. Individually they are excellent but combined they are superior.

So it is in the world of horse racing.

About 25 years ago when I bazinga was just getting into horse racing, I had a friend who owned thoroughbred and standardbred horses. He was a pretty successful guy.

I remember one night meeting him at the local track and him telling me his horse was a “lock” in the 5th race. Well, in those days anyone who told me something was a lock – I believed them and smacked all the money I could afford on the race. I was quite na├»ve.

This was a harness race on a half-mile track. At the three quarter pole this horse was dead last and locked on the rail. That’s a death sentence more often than not. But wouldn’t you know this horse suddenly kicked in like someone put a Roman candle up his rear end and flew across the finish line to win by a nose. What excitement!

Comes to be, that the tip was not the only good piece of advice I would get that night. What this owner told me, I never forgot. He said to me rhetorically, “You want to know how you can be sure my horse is ready?”

“When that jockey who rode him tonight is in the sulky. He’s live!”

Now to many of you this is not a revelation. The Jockey/Trainer stat has been a rock-solid horse racing system for many years. It’s proven to be the “go” sign over and over.

But other than the obvious combinations, like Velasquez and Pletcher, or Baze and Hollendorfer. How do you know the tip off the combination is good and ready to win?

It’s available in the Daily Racing Form. They make the Jockey/Trainer statistics available as well as the ROI (return on investment) the combination boasts. But that’s not enough. You could end up betting hundreds of combinations a day.

Fortunately, I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve put up a free horse racing system video on both Google Video and Just type “horse racing system” in the search and look for the video from JCPubs.

Since we posted the free video, we put some complimentary picks up on our BLOG from this free horse racing system. On December 2nd this system nailed a $51.40 winner at Hollywood Park and the $331.30 exacta in that race.

If you want a solid winning system absolutely free. Please, go to or Google Video – type in Horse Racing System in the search and view the video called “Horse Racing System” posted November 25, 2007. Feel free to give us a good rating while your there.

Or, stop by our site and register for our free horse racing picks. We post them weekly. Once and a while we nail a big one. Free is a good price, isn’t it?

Denny Nash is the principal handicapper, and horse racing system author of The Greatest Horse Racing System Ever!, Thoro-Profits, The Rebound System and Bet to Win for a Living. Denny’s books are available at Amazon and other online book stores.


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