Private Number Plates – A Brief History

Ever since the first vehicle registration was issued back at the start of the 1900′s, people have been fascinated with private number plates. As there were very few vehicles at the beginning of the 20th Century, registrations were first issued in London. The organisation (that is now DVLA) was started up not long after more and more vehicles took to UK roads. Similar to today’s DVLA, there were local offices throughout the local authorities. But unlike today’s DVLA, each local office could issue as many private registration plates as necessary to their local drivers. bazinga This presented a great opportunity to vehicle owners at that time, as they could request any private number plates as long as they contained a letter and a digit. Having said this, there are not many original private registrations around any more as the vehicles are now long gone.

One new rule that has led to more consistent and reliable records is that every vehicle must be declared “off-road” (SORN) with a registration (whether it be the original or private number plates). Many motorists regard private number plates as elitist and luxurious. This is what the industries reputation was for a long time as it was mainly celebrities and the super rich that could afford private number plates. Recently, as the DVLA has issued more cherished numbers, the price of private number plates have become more affordable to the general public. There are different types of number plates to suit different budgets and requirements. There are cheap Irish registration numbers that start from under a hundred pounds and some are priced at over a hundred thousand pounds. As there are over 42 million private registration plates available to buy today, there is sure to be something for everyone.

What are the types of private number plates? If you are new to the world of private number plates, it can seem a bit confusing and you may not even know where to start. Don’t worry though most Private Plate Companies aim to make it as simple and easy to understand as possible. Although you are able to create your own registration, registrations such as MIKE or JIM without numbers do not exist. Unfortunately, the DVLA do not accept requests to issue specific private number plates. Also, every UK vehicle registration has to contain a digit and a letter. The DVLA has created several configurations that every registration must conform to. Below are the types of private registrations and DVLA Number Plates available to buy:

Prefix Registrations are regarded as the best style of private number plates in terms of understanding, Prefix marks are versatile, sought after and good value for money. This type of registration always begins with a letter. The only letters of the alphabet are not available are; I, O, Q,U and Z. These letters are then followed by numbers, the can be 1, 2 or 3 digits. Finally, every Prefix registration ends with 3 letters.

Suffix Registrations were introduced by the DVLA in 1963. This style was brought into action due to the rapid increase of vehicles on UK roads which led to certain areas of the country running out of their allocation of registrations. Suffix is the reverse of Prefix. Every suffix private plates begin with 3 letters, that are followed by either 1,2 or 3 numbers. The final element of a suffix mark is the letter (which identifies the year of the vehicle). Letters that are excluded are; I,O,Q, U and Z. The value of suffix number plates vary depending on what letters and numbers are present. Current Style – If you are buying a vehicle that is registered in March 2002 or newer, your registration will contain the year that it was registered. Initially, the first two letters of the registration relate to the postcode in which the vehicle was registered. The final part of the current style marks are 3 letters.

Cherished Number plates are regarded as the most expensive style of private registration numbers are usually shorter with less characters, but often pre-owned DVLA registrations then become cherished. You can pay as little, or as much as you like for cherished registrations. Single digit cherished number plates are very sought after, yet arguably so are double digit as they can resemble ages or year of birth.

Irish Registrations – Yes, they are able to be transferred and assigned to UK mainland registered vehicles. Irish registrations all contain either the letter I or Z. This is great to find private registration plates for BAZ, LNZ etc. that aren’t available on UK registrations.

DVLA Auction plates – The DVLA holds auctions throughout the year at various locations throughout the UK, usually 4 or 5 events. At these auctions, the DVLA issues numbers that have never been seen/bought/put onto a vehicle before. Sometimes, auctions can be the place to get a great deal on private plates.

If you are selling your Private Number Plates, you need to consider using a company that has has bought, sold and acted as an agent in the personalised registrations industry for a long while. We believe that with this wealth of knowledge and experience, you wil then find the safest, most reliable and honest organisation for you to sell your car registration.

Most dealers will buy private number plates but only at specific times of the year, and if the car registration plates are at the right price, and fit in to their existing portfolio. Alternatively, members of the public can choose to sell their registrations through websites, and this is a completely FREE service. If you are unsure of what price to advertise your private number plates, check to see what similar plates are on the market. A valuation is based on several factors; what is currently on the market, how long they are taking to sell, what are price similar registrations and if the number looks like a word/name. You may have had your private number plates valued by other companies and you may find you are receiving conflicting information. Most companies will provide honest and market based valuations, which will not mislead or provide false hope to customers.

The Private Plate Company are market leaders in the source and supply of attractive cherished and private number plates. They have been in business since 1993 and their success is attributed to their in-depth knowledge of the number plate industry, customer service and realistic prices.

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