How You Can Become Mighty Like Stephenie Myers

Might is a word in the English language that means both power and possibility. Professional people are different from armatures in that they are willing to show up even if they don’t necessarily feel like it.

Have you heard the story of a woman named Stephenie Myers from Phoenix, Arizona? She persevered through all kinds of self-doubt and fear to become a professional author and successful mother of three. This is a story of how you just might be able to change your life just like Stephenie did.

Stephenie Myers wasn’t an author. She wanted to write but knew that it would be next to impossible to become a “somebody” in the world of authors. After all she had never written anything that had been published; she had never done anything in the writing world to validate her as an author. It seemed impossible to be “somebody” in writing.

She chose to go the safe route and got her degree and then got married and started her family. She wanted to continue on with law school but found it difficult now that she had her children. As a full- time mother she still felt she wanted to be an author but her self-doubt kept crushing her dream.

One night she has a dream while she’s sleeping. She just can’t help but write down what she dreamt about. So the next morning despite her fears she writes ten pages. Ten pages doesn’t seem like much to Stephenie Myers she doesn’t believe she has something great, but it just might be something great. But how will she know for sure if she doesn’t take action? If she doesn’t do anything with her writing then for sure it won’t be anything. There is only one way to find out if an idea could be big and that is to take action.

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