Astro DC30 – Have You Ever Lost Your Hunting Dog?

When one looks at the advanced technology of the Astro DC30 tracking system, it becomes obvious how much our relationship with dogs has evolved.

The domestication of the dog appears to have taken place as early as 30000 years ago. It is believed that the dog evolved from the domestication of the gray wolf. The dog was originally used for security, food, and a means of transporting goods and people. While this is still the case today, the relationship of dog and human has also evolved. A dog’s auditory range is significantly different from humans. As well their sense of smell is far more sensitive. Dogs are therefore able to detect danger much sooner than humans. They are also able to detect and follow the scent of other animals. This greatly improved our ability to hunt wild animals.

Dogs communicate through body language and vocal. They respond to repetition and reinforcement. Once they grasp that a certain command means that they are to respond in a certain way, they will usually follow the desired course of action. Of course just like humans, dogs have their unique personalities. Some dogs are easier to train than others. Some dogs will perform at a higher level than others.

In 1883, Francis Galton, invented what is now referred to as a dog whistle or Galton whistle. Dogs can hear auditory frequencies between 16 and 22 KHZ. Humans normally hear frequencies under 20 KHZ. Therefore dogs can hear a whistle set for a higher frequency that humans cannot hear. Dog whistles became a way for humans to communicate with their dogs over greater distances and without making a lot of noise. A dog would be trained to carry out a specific action based upon what frequency was used.

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