Corner Fireplaces Offer The Enjoyment Of A Real Fire Minus The Smoke

Corner fireplaces are those fireplaces that have a standard firebox and mantel fitted diagonally into a corner of the room. They are very much like the standard fireplaces that have been used for the past five or six centuries, but have been given the name corner fireplaces to distinguish them from the other styles of fireplaces in the market today.

Usually installed in rooms with limited wall space and other space restrictions, Corner fireplaces are available in a variety of different sizes, models and colors. This provides home owners with a wider range of choice and enables them to choose the fireplace that will blend in to their homes the best.

In some instances, home owners request the fireplace be modified by being lengthened diagonally to fit the length of the wall.

Other than the standard version, corner fireplaces also come in a number of uncommon designs. There is the corner fireplace with two sides of glass placed in a corner, the Island Fireplace which has four sides of glass and the Peninsula Fireplace which has three sides of glass with two sides being longer than the third.

Like the Peninsula fireplace, the Bay fireplace is also built into a corner using three sides of glass. The difference between them lies in the varying lengths of glass used in their construction. The Peninsula model has two glass sides that are longer than the third. The Bay model uses two glass sides that are shorter than the third.

There are also electric corner fireplaces that can be plugged into any standard household electric outlet. Mostly designed for the purpose of creating an ambiance, electric corner fireplaces do, however, also have a heat setting that heats up a room quite nicely.


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