How to Choose Between Window Repair or Replacement and Gain the Most Efficiency

With low wintertime temperatures the cold will creep in and pool at windows in need of repair or maintenance, plus drive up wintertime electricity bills. Just like any other part of a house, windows require maintenance and repair, and sometimes replacing, if the damage is too great. Windows are the most vulnerable point in a home for heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

How will you know if windows just need maintenance or require replacing?

The general rule of thumb to follow for window repair versus replacement is to repair windows with spotty damage and replace with damage throughout. Take the example of a fogged window. We would repair a fogged window that has lost it’s seal.

What about newer super efficient windows – Why not just replace all of the windows at once?

It would seem like the best solution might be newer, more energy efficient windows. Advances in technology and the Low-E double pane type are much more efficient now, than they were years ago. But do they pay for themselves if replaced with more efficient models?


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