Using Volunteerism to Support HOA Management Services

The HOA management services a community needs depend on its lifestyle and the assets it has to maintain. In each case, though, the cost of support can be mitigated with the assistance of community volunteers. Few large, associated-governed neighborhoods are supported solely by volunteers, but many neighborhoods find a way to make volunteerism an enjoyable endeavor for residents and a cost saving resource for the neighborhood. An HOA management and condo management company should establish the measures needed to support the neighborhood, but  Aws Managed Services residents can help carry them out to reduce spending.

How to Implement Volunteerism

If your community doesn’t use volunteers to support HOA management services, it may be missing out on a golden cost saving opportunity. Although volunteer programs are not difficult to implement, they do require a common sense approach to the needs of the community, and the ability of residents to meet them. Below are some points to consider as you investigate the opportunity of using volunteers to help support the services of your community.

The Expertise of Retirees

An employed arborist may lack the time to volunteer her knowledge in support of the community, but a retired arborist may be willing to assess the health of trees, and make recommendations for their care free of charge. Many retirees have a wealth of knowledge about their career speciality, and some don’t mind donating their expertise to assist the neighborhood, especially if they know it would benefit the neighborhood financially.

Tasks That Are Enjoyable

HOA management and condo management companies often send vendors to perform tasks that residents might be happy to perform, such as flower planting, ornamental pond maintenance, and managing the stocking of lakes with fish. Some neighborhood tasks are more than just work — they are also hobbies. If caring for your neighborhood involves such tasks, you may find that some residents are willing to perform them as a form of enjoyment.

Establishing a Reward

Establishing a reward for volunteerism is one of the best ways to attract volunteers. For many residents, the most tantalizing reward for volunteering is reduced assessment fees, or assessment fees that stay the same in spite of improvements to the neighborhood. If possible, establish a reward for supporting HOA management services that means something to the financial well-being of residents.


Community volunteerism is a viable way to reduce the cost of maintaining the neighborhood. Although an HOA management and condo management provider should implement and oversee measures that maintain the lifestyle and assets of the community, residents can donate their time to reduce the need to have vendors perform certain tasks.


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