Internet marketing or should we say search engine optimization

If you can figure out how to hangout where I hang out and you can be my friend and you can teach me something, then there’s a very, very good chance that I will give you my money.

The challenge today with Internet marketing is that the odds of meeting more people out there who you want to sell to, while competing with so many more people who also have a good idea, is not an easy task. bebe-accueil You need to have a good idea which people understand, which people can relate to and then you need to express your good idea in a way which is clear to those people.

Language is critical to any online marketing campaign. There are things such as persuasive copywriting, sales copywriting, informative copywriting, all fancy terms for creating copyrighting that is going to be engaging, that you will enjoy reading like a good novel and will WANT to share with your friends. If you share this copywriting with your friends, it means that you like what you’ve read, that you’ve learned something and if you’ve learned something, the chances are you will trust the person who wrote it, especially if you’ve applied it personally.

Internet marketing or should we say search engine optimization, is a phrase probably coined back in 1994, before most people knew about the Internet bubble. Those responsible for coining the term, already understood that as long as there was going to be an Internet and as long as there was going to be search engines providing information free of charge, search engine optimization would be an ongoing necessity.

The continued existence of the Internet and search engines for the foreseeable future means that search marketing, search engine optimization and paid for advertising are all going to exist for the foreseeable future. This also means turning back the clock in effect, to the origins of marketing; words, plain old-fashioned words and language.

The study of journalism as a career is often considered questionable because journalists generally don’t make a lot of money, with only 5% in the top echelon earning good money, whereas the rest battle to make a living. But it’s a cool job, so we want to do it because we want to become war correspondents, so we go to school and we study language. I dare say the correct use of language for the Internet is going to be the future of Internet marketing.

In order to make the language work for you, you need to understand what questions you need to ask to get the correct answers. The question is ‘what is the question supposed to be?’ This is where a journey of self-discovery begins in the world of Internet marketing. This is what makes search engine optimization and Internet marketing such a thrilling living and working environment. You are being challenged at every turn to understand what the potential client is selling and how his clientele will ask for that service. You then need to postulate and find niches in the search engine world that have not been targeted by lazy people using a bit of software. Lazy people who say ‘that looks like a good keyword, let’s rank for that, let’s not do a bit more work and see where else our industry is relevant, let’s not find out what is in people’s minds’.


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