Social Marketing and Search Engine Optimization to Boost Your Business

Old School Marketing:

Old school marketing consists of mostly TV and Radio Advertising, Billboards, and Signage on location. Today’s economy and market has changed. Everything is mobile or online now. edu-art-gelderland While the old schools forms of marketing still have some affect, you can get a higher return and spend less using the NEW SCHOOL MARKETING techniques.

Don’t get me wrong. The use of old school marketing is still useful. Many will find that if they combine old school marketing with that of the new marketing techniques and strategies of today you will have a more in depth blueprint. The thing is that with today’s technology people can fast forward past TV commercials. When listening to the radio a lot of people switch the station when the commercials come on. People will still look up at the billboards that you see on the highways and the interstates, but because they are like a tree and are around every corner they are less effective.

The New Era of Marketing:

Today’s socially connected generation gets and shares information in a totally new fashion than 10 years ago. Many people use their cell phones or laptops to keep connected versus how they used to in the past. This opens up new doors for marketing. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace make it quicker and easier to connect with friends and family. Now from a marketers point of view this allows you to connect with more people in a shorter time and to have a more target approach.

The use of social networks to advertise is called social marketing. You utilize social networks to connect with people and then through building relationships and branding you are able to win the trust of people. The bigger your network, the larger you reach is. The power of the internet allows you to connect with people all over the world and have a broader audience while still allowing you to target a specific group of individuals.

It takes some time to understand how the social networks work. You also have to take the time to build relationships and to get to know people. Once the trust is gained it is much easier to talk to them about whatever product or service you are offering. The best thing to do is to let them ask you about it. This strategy is called attraction marketing. People will see that what you have is of value. They will have gained trust in you by the connection you make and the content you share. They will then approach you about what you have to offer. This is extremely effective and it turns cold leads into hot leads.

People don’t buy from companies or stores, People buy from People THEY TRUST!
Easiest Way To Brand Yourself Online:

While it is important to have a social connections and to use social marketing, you also need a place to funnel the people you are desiring to reach out to. One of the most effective ways to do this is a blog. My preferred platform is Word Press and it is one of the most popularly used on the web. There are many themes that are both visually appealing and easy to work with.

There are some key things to remember when starting a website or a blog. You must make it to where people can find you. This is where search engine optimization comes into play. Search engine optimization is a very complex, but simple concept to understand. Through the utilization of article marketing (like this one) which creates one way backlinks, video marketing, press releases, and the optimization of your blog/website so that it is search engine friendly it makes it easier for people to find your site.

If you combine this with funneling your leads from your social networking you will see that you will get a mixture of organic traffic (traffic from search engines) and from your social networks. Once you have this traffic you need to capture the lead. The easiest way is through the use of an autoresponder. This is a very simple way to capture leads and to be able to stay in communication with your leads. The visitor is interested in what they see and wants to learn more so they optin to a simple form that allows you to send emails to them. You can also gather other information such as their links to social networks, phone numbers, and their website.

Just remember that you have to set these elements up correctly. You have to pick out a good theme, then you must have hosting, and once you have done all this you have to use search engine optimization. If you fail to plan and to ensure that you have these set up properly it will make it harder for people to find you site and it will decrease the effectiveness of your blog/website.

After years of study I have came to a point to where I can say that I am ready to help others grow their business. Having taken the time to research the strategies used by top marketers I can say that I have found common ground that makes them all successful. All of them are utilizing social marketing and search engine optimization. The most effective style of marketing is attraction marketing. By putting value in the content that you provide you will attract others. They will read your blog posts, they will retweet your Tweets, and they will comment and like your FaceBook posts. Why do they do this? They do it because YOU ARE GIVING THEM SOMETHING! Check out my site for more advice and articles on social marketing and search engine optimization.

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