Artsy Shui Shirts

While action sports fashion usually manufacture street and art-inspired items, Shui does things differently. It’s a sports fashion brand that combines Hip-hop and tattoo-inspired concepts. They provide a classy and a gritty look for men  geekowear simultaneously in each clothing piece. Shui offers a line of artistic and unlikely clothing pieces such as tees, jerseys, shorts, pants, singlets, socks, sweats, and even accessories. While other tattoo-likened shirt imprints showcase classic tattoos, this brand’s products contain prints of the latest colored tattoos.

The Shui Tee shirts are the most interesting products among all. Wearing a signature shirt by this brand is like wearing a graffiti wall on. And in certain cases, the one who wears the shirts makes it look like a matching item with his tattoos (if any). The Shui Color Koi is one very artistic shirt. It’s a white shirt with prints of koi fish that look like they were drawn with a pencil. Psychedelic prints are also embedded behind that fish to represent water. The company’s Geisha head shirt is also a very elicit item. It’s a black shirt with a colorful print of a Geisha in a rather different artistic expression. This is a bold clothing piece that goes well with jeans and other sports trends.

The company’s Battle Scar Tee is also another simple yet very expressive item. It’s a crisp, white shirt printed with an armored samurai and a sword. The highlight of the shirt is the red splat of blood in the upper right corner of the shirt that forms like a battle scar and the brand’s signature logo at the same time. The Mind, Body, and Spirit tee is one of the company’s new designs for 2010. This shirt represents spirituality and how it works with the body and mind. It’s a black tee with a symbol brown print of a royal design. Along with it is another dark colored and very significant tee: the Script tee. It’s black with bright blue prints of the words, water, blood, and spirit. It also bears the company logo and other artistic, complimentary designs.


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