Versatile Uses of Plastic Handles

Industrial handles are important for many commercial as well as residential applications. They serve to make life easier and more functional to consumers in getting a good and firm grip on doors, windows and all components that need to be opened and closed. Handles and knobs are common entities on components in numerous life applications whether at home or elsewhere.


There are many types of handles; they can be made of different materials such as plastic, wood, metal, rubber or wrought iron in a myriad of shapes, sizes and designs. Each design would be well stocked to cater to its respective function.

Plastic handles are very common in various industries, homes and commercial environment. They are usually stocked and available in various styles and sizes that include multi-lobes, indexing and soft touch as well as bridge styles.

Besides plastic, handles can come in other types of materials such as polypropylene which is cost effective and hardy against water and solvents. There are phenolic handles which offer a high gloss finish with a resistance to oils, greases and fuels. Such material offers excellent electrical and thermal resistance.

Some industrial plastic handles offer soft gripping features which were designed for applications that require that firmness. Maximum grip with comfort is available to impact resistance for turning and opening.

There are applications in confined space which require indexing or clamping plastic handles. These are high density plastic that are tough to function like a wrench in tight places. These are indexing handles with a soft touch overlay which is excellent for heavy duty applications. Bridge handles as well as drawer pulls can also be of plastic material in different colors.


Industrial or commercial handles have many applications; there are machine handles made of strong plastic that can endure high temperature which can be found in many heavy duty industries such as production and manufacturing.

Spring loaded hinged plastic handles are found in applications that need that extra force support with the presence of a spring while indexing handles can be heavy duty for the extra pressure in heavy duty factory performances. Plastic bridge handles are common in many commercial applications as they come in various forms and colors to make them an attractive sight in their environments. These handles can be made very strong and scratch resistant with socket head screws for the cap. Lift & Turn shaped plastic handles allow users an easy hold and grip for any application they are used in. Similarly, plastic quarter turn handles are popular as they are lighter than metal.

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