Working With the Moon

The moon has four phases. Waning moon, new moon, waxing moon, full moon. The moon affects all bodies of water, so it is no surprise that it affects us so greatly. We are after all made of 85% water. Like with all forces of nature, when we learn to work with them, we have fabulous tools to enhance the quality of our life.

A waning moon is a time to revise, finish off things that have been left suspended, do clearing and cleansing, both with the body and the homes and gardens. It is a good time to do a colon cleanse (I will write a whole article about that), and it is a good time to take some time out and chill. Switch off the TV, electronic distractions, and just be. A waning moon last approximately two weeks. You can use some of that time to do these things, within reasons of course.

At the end of the two weeks of waning, there are two days of dark moon. That is the time of sitting quietly, write things down, (on your moon paper) and reassess your desire and wishes. It is the time to energise with your breath and visualisation all that your heart truly desire. (It is a good idea and in your best interest, not to engage with thoughts of revenge, hatred, anger. Whoever has done wrong to you, will get it back, without you having to lift a finger or a thought) “Poetic Justice”.

It is a good time to indulge with your creative thinking, in an uplifting and enlightening way. You can write things down, you can cut out pictures and paste them on your moon paper, and then you connect to the feelings that if you had those things bring. It is always the feelings that manifest your desires! On a practical and physical level, this is the time to plant seeds in your garden or pots.

Then we have the waxing moon. As the moon grows, we have more energy to engage actively with the things that we want to achieve and do. This is the time that we start the new projects, and we get more ideas than usual. For two weeks we are busy bees, building and creating, until the moon is full. And when the moon is full, the peak is reached. Whatever we have said that we wanted comes to manifestation. These can be things from the previous new moon, or from other new moons.

When the moon is full, people lose their temper more easily, they are prone to accidents and hospitals are very aware of this, because the emergency rooms become fuller than normal. Temper builds up in people, during waxing moon and then it escalates at full moon! And then the cycle starts again with the waning moon.


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