Gore-Tex Immersion Technology Fabric

This is a softer and less bulky fabric that provides the same 3 layer protection as the traditional outwear. This fabric is created to keep you warmer and gives you the option of stretch fabrics for increased flexibility and comfort.

Gore-Tex Immersion Technology Fabric

Used by the US military this fabric was designed for drysuits and waders. This fabric remains waterproof and breathable even when it is submerged in water. This is made using 3 layer fabric and gore-seam tape to ensure complete dryness.

Gore-Tex Coastal Fabric

This is a light weight fabric that is best described as technologically advanced foul weather gear. It was designed for light sailing and a rainy coastal climate.

Gore-Tex Ocean Technology Fabric

This was designed for the ultimate sailing expedition. It is the most durable and waterproof Gore-Tex fabric on the market and it will not become contaminated by salt water.

It’s All in a Day’s Work

What is most probably the most impressive thing about Gore-Tex is how they have contributed to the enhancements of a variety of industries. Not only has Gore-Tex helped increase the quality of workplace apparel but also the safety. Outlined below are a few of these professions.

Fire Services & Law Enforcement

Three words, liquid penetration protection. That is how Gore-Tex has contributed to these industries by keeping water, blood, body fluids and chemicals away from people’s skin. The breathability improves performance under stressful circumstances by allowing moisture to escape and increase comfort.


Gore-Tex has taken surgical gowns to a whole new level of performance and quality. The liquid proof fabric has the ability to stop the spread of disease by preventing liquids from leaking through. It has improved the safety for both the surgical staff and for patients. The breathability helps to regulate body temperatures during long procedures.

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