Red Dog For Simple Casino Enjoyment

Online casinos are also offering a few simpler games to players such as red dog. This game is also known and loved by many by the name of acey – duecey and between the sheets. The game is easy to play and great for people playing from home that are fighting insomnia but not interested in mind blowing or thought provoking games like pai gow poker or many of the blackjack variations. If you want to have a little fun and take a few risks without putting a great deal of thought or effort into the process then red dog is a great game for the moment.

The Goal

If you aren’t familiar with red dog by any of the names mentioned above you will be glad to know that the goal is simple as is the actual game play action. You are dealt two cards. The wager is placed on whether or not the next card you are dealt will fall between the values of the original two cards you were dealt. You want the third card to rank between the value of the other cards you’ve been dealt and bet accordingly (and prior to any cards being dealt). The payouts will vary according to the circumstances of the first two cards. Risk takers particularly enjoy red dog because it really is a game of chance. Of course there are probabilities involved and some spreads are more likely to payout for you (though the more likely the payout the lower the payout).

Card Values

This game is different from many card games in that the values of cards are a little different. The numbered cards all receive face value. Face cards though are assigned a particular value. The Jack is given the value of 11. The Queen is 12; King is 13, and the Ace is always 14. Knowing small (but important) details such as this can greatly impact the way you wager and the potential winnings of your wagers.


Can You Really Make Money Betting on Sports?

For the sports gambling masses who lack a highly accurate systematic approach, the answer is a resounding “No”. However, when you stop gambling away your hard-earned cash and treat your sports wagers like a prudent “Sports Investor”, you’ll leave the less savvy masses way behind to suck up the dust after you make money betting on sports the RIGHT way – even if you have absolutely no previous experience. So, by the time you finish reading this information, your answer will be a resounding “Yes, I really can make money betting on sports” when you find out how to ditch the “gambling” aspect and get access to a sports “investing” system that really works. Here’s how…

Many Professional Sports Gamblers vssportstv actually make a good living betting on sports. However, such Pro Gamblers who make money sports betting on a consistent basis are in essence Sports Investors because they approach their craft with highly systematic methods. Becoming a Professional Sports Investor requires that you have access to a vast away of comparative statistics and a team of people who constantly crunches numbers, analyzes performance, and back-tests all of that data to find repeating patterns and trends.

But those do-it-yourself sports bet days are now a thing of the past. When the developers of whatever sports betting system you utilize are extremely knowledgeable sports fanatics, you don’t have to be so knowledgeable and fanatical about sports at all in order to make money betting on sports! And of course, all that research certainly has to be done – it’s just that you no longer have to do it when you have an extremely reliable Sports Betting System to do all that grunt research on your behalf…

Regardless of the system you utilize, there is still one hard and fast rule that you should adhere to, which is to never bet more than 10% of your “bankroll” on any particular sports event. For newbies or beginners, your “bankroll” is the overall amount of money that you are comfortably willing to lose on all of your sports bets. As a prudent Sports Bettor, I suggest that you put considerable thought into setting your own bankroll and adhering to this 10% rule.


“Equal Rites” by Terry Pratchett – Book Review

This is the Discworld, supported by four giant elephants that stand on the back of the Great A’Tuin – a turtle, ten thousand miles long, making his (or her) way through space. This is a world where anything is possible. And on this world everyone knows what it means when an eighth son of an eighth son is born. That’s when you have a wizard in your family.

And so a wizard’s staff is passed on to a particular newborn. Except that this eighth son of an eighth son is actually a girl. And everyone knows that girls can’t be wizards…

It’s a lucky thing for the family that Granny Weatherwax is around, keeping a close eye on Esk and her staff. When the girl grows up and the magic is finding a way out, Granny decides to take the girl under her wing and teach her the witching. However, there are differences between witches and wizards, and for good reason. There tuin10 comes a time when a girl must find her destiny, and that destiny lies in Ankh-Morpork, the home of the Unseen University, the place where wizards learn to be, well, wizards.

But just because you have a staff and just because you have power does not mean that you will get accepted. Girls are girls, and ancient views are not easily changed. Until the time comes when you need to stand up for yourself and show that tradition is not always correct, just because that’s how things were always done…

“Equal Rites” is the story of a girl on a mission, a girl going against all odds to find out about herself and to claim her rightful place. It’s also a story about tradition and how resistant people can be to change. And it’s a story about respect, for yourself and for others.

That sounds very serious, so I must not forget to mention that the book is funny and generally quite light-hearted. Terry Pratchett is a creative, inventive author and a delightful storyteller. No matter what mood you are in when you start reading this book, you will soon find yourself smiling.

Pratchett has a way of bringing characters to life. His insights into human nature reflect the silliness in us all. Even the darker, more serious aspects we are all familiar with do have a place on the Discworld and are given a humorous spin.

I would recommend this book to everyone, young and old.


Three Important Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Casino

The popularity of online casinos continues to grow by leaps and bounds. There are thousands of sites to choose from. The reasons for this rapid expansion are obvious if you like to play in your pajamas or if you don’t live near Las Vegas, Atlantic City or one of the other land-based casino sites. The online casinos offer convenience, a variety of games, a wide range of minimum bets, signup bonuses, anytime gambling, and no waiting. Before you sign up at an online casino (or two or three) consider these three important items. 

First: The casino must be honest and reputable and provide extensive customer support. Internet scams multiply daily and you want to be sure that you don’t get caught up in one of them. Investigate carefully. You have the most powerful research tool ever made at your fingertips – the Internet. Use it. Plug in the name of each casino of interest into a search engine. Study the results carefully. Look for chat rooms that deal with online casinos. Some casinos operate their own message boards and chat rooms. What do the users have to say about the different casinos? Find some newsletters on casino gambling. Read them and find out which casinos have good recommendations. Check websites that expose crooks on the Internet. What casinos do they cite? Most important, talk to your friends; ask them what their Internet casino experience has been. These first-hand testimonials have great value. Check the financial standing of the casino and how they handle your deposits and payouts. Remember you want to be sure that the games are run fairly but you also want to be sure you will be paid your winnings. The casino you choose should pay out quickly (some casinos only pay out once a month) with cheap or no-cost transfers in your currency. These transfers should be accomplished in a way that protects your privacy. The time you spend doing this research is valuable, don’t cut corners.  

Second: Look for a casino that offers the games you want to play. Some casinos only offer specific games while others may offer more than one hundred. Even if you only want to play poker, be sure the website offers the variety of poker you prefer. In land-based casinos you may sometimes have trouble finding a seven-card stud game, but might have no trouble finding a seat at a Texas Hold’em table. Even Texas Hold’em comes in a number of different flavors. Online casinos may present a similar problem. You might choose a casino that offers a wide variety of games so if you want to take a break from playing a game which requires a lot of concentration you can relax a bit with another that’s not so intense.    


Characteristics of the Best Simple Diet Plans

A simple web search will show you that numerous websites present their simple diet plan ideas. Which ones work for real? Can you pick that great diet program without endangering your health and well-being? Is it possible to differentiate between a great easy weight loss program idea and the one that will produce mediocre simplestartllc results? Each efficient simple diet plan has specific characteristics that make it effective. Knowing how to distinguish these characteristics will help you make sure that you are selecting the best diet program that is just for you.

1. High on Fibre

Great and simple diet plans like the Mediterranean diet, for example, are rich in fibre. Why is that so important for effective weight loss? Soluble fibre, as it is known, is really important for human health. It protects the circulatory system and it prevents the digestive system from absorbing large amounts of lipids. The best and easiest diet program will recommend large amounts of fruits and vegetables, as well as wholegrain products.


Cheap Door Sets in the UK

Affordable and cheap door sets can be purchased from variety of companies in the UK. These vary in the manufactured material; however, they tend to be cost-effective and reliable for quite some time. Even if they are of low cost, they tend to be quite effective.

Low cost and cheap door sets are usually imported from the low-cost countries that provide with cost-effective solutions. However, these products are manufactured with accordance to high standards of quality and prove to be fit for any purpose. People are facilitated with a wide range of choices, as all door sets hgm tend to cover almost every door function. You need to acquire the material from one supplier as they shall minimize any risks. Some of the following companies are known to provide with different manufactured material of door sets that are quite cheap to afford.

Apollo Door Sets is located in Scotland and supplies internal door-sets to the UK traders, produced by Grauthoff Germany. The entire range comprises of HGM Turen, Astra Turen and Licht & Harmonie glass door sets.

These are completely assembled at the factory. Door-sets contain the door, high quality frames, handles, hinges and architraves. This inculcates everything that would fit into any kind of requirement. These are manufactured on such high quality standards that they are just ready to use, and you can install them within 30 minutes.

Emerald Doors is another manufacturing company that provides UK a large collection of Timber Doors ranging from Traditional ones, Contemporary ones, Pre-glazed ones and unglazed doors. There are interior doors and external triple Glazed doors as well. You can also get hold of fire doors and pre- hung doors. This extensive variety of door sets are available in different styles that include Bespoke Doors, Custom Made Doors, Distinctive Contemporary Doors, BI Fold Doors, French Doors, VU Fold Doors and Designers Doors that are availed from some of the leading manufacturers in the town; they are Barausse Spa and Docavi.


Get Freedom From Your Financial Crisis Through Instant Loans

A financial crunch has the tendency to crop up when you are least prepared for it, like in between two consecutive paydays when your next paycheck is still far off. When you are running low on cash, that is precisely when you need to pay for that car repair or perhaps your electricity bills or perhaps someone in your family falls sick and you need to pay for the medical expenses. At times like this you need instant cash to meet your urgent needs and perhaps the only option you have is to approach friends or family for loans or perhaps a financial institution. Approaching others and letting them know of your financial state is not the most desirable option and traditional loans need time to be sanctioned. Hence instant loans are the solution to your urgent cash requirement in such situations.

Many financial institutions are offering instant loans through online transactions and that is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get access to ready cash. Once you locate such websites on the internet you simply need to fill up their online application form with few basic, personal details. The form will only take a few minutes to fill up and you need not step out from the comfort of your instantboostup home or office to apply for and get such instant loans. Once the companies receive your application their executive will get in touch with you to analyze your financial requirements. Often the loans are sanctioned within 24 hours of your approval and you can get the money instantly transferred to your account.

Instant loans let you have ready cash in your account as and when you need the funds. Usually the loans are on a short term basis and the loan can be electronically repaid on the date of your next paycheck through a post paid cheque which you deposit with the company at the time of loan sanction. Such loans are a boon for many individuals who would otherwise have no option left in case their money ran out much before the next payday was due. Now they can continue with their current lifestyle if they have ready cash transferred to their account through these instant transfers. Even for people who have a bad credit history in the past the loans are easily accessible and they can also get instant cash when they need it.

Instant loans are the easy and convenient way to get cash when you really need it. Some expenses cannot wait like payment of bills, medical expenses and other daily household expenditure. A lack of finances will put your life on a standstill and it also affects your family and loved ones. Hence it is best to opt for short term loans which offer instant approvals and cash transfer to your account when you need money urgently. Also as the repayments are within two or three weeks itself, you do not need to suffer under the burden of debt for long. Applying for and getting instant loans is just like borrowing money from a close friend so just go for it.


Penguins & Netbooks – Budget Solutions For Education Birthed by Innovation!

One of my podcasting co-hosts, Mark Gura, and I have been intermittently discussing the $100+ laptop project for the last two years on our popular bi-weekly series. If you happen not to be familiar with the $100 laptop project; it has been spearheaded by Nicholas Negroponte formerly of MIT. The importance of it is the way it has leveraged opened the tidal wave of adoption of open source software and forced computer manufacturers to develop low cost netbooks. This education-related project has truly transformed the computer industry and tech user expectations!


Negraponte’s project is now called escolhasegura the One Laptop per Child project (OLPC) because the basic purpose is to provide low cost, durable laptop computers to the children of developing countries. The prototype of these laptops have gone through wide variations, and brought much criticism over the past few years and they are never meant to be the “does everything” computer.

These are basic models and yet quite revolutionary in several ways. For one, they are very small, have alternate power sources, such as hand powered, can be linked together to form an intranet (wireless broadband that can mesh network) and most of all do not suffer from what the founder dubs “Microsoft bloat.” In the dedicated efforts to keep the cost so very low, the software that is used is open source, which requires a much smaller installation footprint and hardware operation requirements.

The Original Prototype 2007 Details in Brief: Linux-based operating system, a dual-mode display, a 500MHz processor, 128MB of DRAM and 500MB of Flash memory. No hard drive, four USB ports and the wireless broadband that creates a mesh network.


Pros and Cons of Air Freight Vs Ocean Freight

The two most common methods and probably the only two, used for international shipping are air freight and ocean freight. These are the choices you have when it comes to transporting goods, vehicles, and other cargo; be it for personal reasons or business. The difference between these two types of freight is not just the obvious one; one being by plane and the other via ship. There are a lot of factors that play a role in deciding whether to transport something via air or the ocean.

Both have their pros and cons, and there are four things that should be taken into account every time you decide to transport something around the world. These four things are the Cost, Charges, Capacity, Reliability and Speed at which your goods are transported to the desired location. Some other factors that should be considered are Safety, Time, Environmental Impact, Time, Destination Coverage and Logistics.

Here are the pros and cons of both air and ocean freight in details so that you can have detailed wisdom on both the next time you want to deliver something.

Cost And Charges:

Between air and ocean freight, the former is a bit on the expensive side. The reason being that air freight is more safe and fast. Air shipping is considered the most expensive form of delivery and that is why their prices go through the roof. You must make sure that you don’t go over your budget using air merchandise. Many businesses use air freight and often make their customers pay the shipping fee. If you have a lot of money to spare and want something delivered fast, then air freight is a good option for you.

On the other hand, ocean freight is one of the cheapest ways to deliver goods worldwide. Many companies and businesses choose ocean freight over air freight simply because it is cheaper. And as it can hold huge volumes of goods, it is a good way to transport bigger things like cars, heavy machinery, etc. If time is not an issue, then ocean freight is the way to go.

Another difference between ocean and air freight is that goods are weighed by weight in air freight and by volume via ocean freight.


An airplane’s cargo space is considerably much smaller than a ship’s and therefore the number of goods that can be transported via air freight is significantly less than that by a cargo ship. One of the disadvantages of air freight is that even though it is a much faster and safer way to deliver goods, it is not possible to deliver goods in large quantities.

In contrast, cargo ships can hold massive amounts of goods that can vary from heavy machinery to cars and more. As they can hold huge numbers of large objects, they are much more preferred by businesses and companies for the delivery of their goods.

Environmental Impact:

Convenience shouldn’t be the only thing to consider when it comes to delivery of products. You also have a responsibility towards the planet. If you have to choose between air and ocean freight in terms of its impact on the environment, it is suggested that you use ocean freight. Air freight produces a much higher amount of CO2 than ocean freight. But oil spills and other types of water pollution caused due to ocean freight is also something to acknowledge.


Gore-Tex Immersion Technology Fabric

This is a softer and less bulky fabric that provides the same 3 layer protection as the traditional outwear. This fabric is created to keep you warmer and gives you the option of stretch fabrics for increased flexibility and comfort.

Gore-Tex Immersion Technology Fabric

Used by the US military this fabric was designed for drysuits and waders. This fabric remains waterproof and breathable even when it is submerged in water. This is made using 3 layer fabric and gore-seam tape to ensure complete dryness.

Gore-Tex Coastal Fabric

This is a light weight fabric that is best described as technologically advanced foul weather gear. It was designed for light sailing and a rainy coastal climate.

Gore-Tex Ocean Technology Fabric

This was designed for the ultimate sailing expedition. It is the most durable and waterproof Gore-Tex fabric on the market and it will not become contaminated by salt water.

It’s All in a Day’s Work

What is most probably the most impressive thing about Gore-Tex is how they have contributed to the enhancements of a variety of industries. Not only has Gore-Tex helped increase the quality of workplace apparel but also the safety. Outlined below are a few of these professions.

Fire Services & Law Enforcement

Three words, liquid penetration protection. That is how Gore-Tex has contributed to these industries by keeping water, blood, body fluids and chemicals away from people’s skin. The breathability improves performance under stressful circumstances by allowing moisture to escape and increase comfort.


Gore-Tex has taken surgical gowns to a whole new level of performance and quality. The liquid proof fabric has the ability to stop the spread of disease by preventing liquids from leaking through. It has improved the safety for both the surgical staff and for patients. The breathability helps to regulate body temperatures during long procedures.